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WordPress Speed And Performance Optimization Service

Speed Up Your Slow WordPress Website – WordPress speed and performance optimization service allow you to leverage all components of best user experience as possible. Experts at CipherBrains can optimize your WordPress blogs, business sites, & WooCommerce stores that ensure your visitors or customers find you more accessible, valuable and eventually credible through fast page loading, engaging, and aesthetically rich experience.


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Website Optimization Plans

Basic Plan

  • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
  • 70+ Google Mobile Speed Test
  • Minimum B Grade on Gtmetrix
  • Same design and functionality
Starting From199.00 USDper Site
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Pro Plan

  • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
  • 90+ Google Mobile Speed Test
  • Minimum A Grade on Gtmetrix
  • Same design and functionality
  • Detailed SEO Audit Report
Starting From349.00 USDper Site
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Custom Plan

  • 90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
  • 90+ Google Mobile Speed Test
  • Minimum A Grade on Gtmetrix
  • All Web Vitals green on Gtmetrix
  • Same design and functionality
  • Detailed SEO Audit Report
Starting From499.00 USDper Site
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What Our Customers Are Saying


WordPress Optimization Packages include the following services

Image Optimization

We are able to optimize your images so that they are served at the optimum size and file type, removing any unnecessary resources from being loaded onto your pages.

Server Optimization

With years of system admin and server management experience, our small team are is familiar with every technology stack and can optimize performance on many levels.

Browser Caching

Going beyond simple caching plugins, we only use and recommend the best, and we also are able to configure and manage high-speed CDNs to serve the content of your page.

Database Optimization

Slow and unmaintained databases can greatly reduce the speed of your WordPress site. Let us optimize your database tables, post revisions, auto-drafts, trashed posts, spam and more.

Cloudflare CDN

Setting up and configuring CDNs can be frustrating and time-consuming to business owners. Let us take that burden off your hands and manage and maintain your CDN.

HTML, CSS and JS Cleanup

We offer minification and removal of any unused CSS, HTML and JavaScript code, whether it is coming from plugins or themes, we are able to clean up and optimize all code assets.

Reduce Server Response Time

If your hosting provider isn’t cutting the server response time, we’ll move your website to our fully managed WordPress hosting environment.

Cache Control & Expires Headers

Cache-control header turns on client-side caching and sets the maximum age of a resource. Expires headers specify a point in time at which the resource shall no longer be valid.


Any Questions? Answered

Q: How do I check my current website speed?

A: Here are some of the popular website speed test tools you can refer to:
GT Metrix
Google Pagespeed Insights
Web Page Test

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Q: How long will you take to optimize my website?

A: 2-3 business days is our standard time required for site speed optimization. However, it can go up to 7 working days depending upon the complexity of the site. We make sure to keep our clients updated on the progress throughout this period.

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Q: Do you guarantee an improvement in my WordPress Website performance?

A: YES! We ensure to improve WordPress server response time by using a cache plugin. By doing performance tweaks, we can help you get huge improvement in the performance to make your website load faster, but there are other reasons for slow response time of ajax calls, backend etc. which can be due to low server configuration or lack of proper coding or both and it will require detailed analysis of server configuration and code. We can surely help you fix that too. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you a free consultation.

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Q: Are there any chances of harm to my website with your work?

A: We thoroughly test every change we make for WordPress optimization. We assure you that it will not break your site. We will also perform complete website backup prior to starting. And in a very unusual case, if something goes wrong, we can easily go back to the backup instantly.

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Q: Will I face downtime while you boost my site speed?

A: No, because we initially work in background. We create a preview mode that only works on a separate url and live site works as before. After the work is done we share that url with you so you can also check at your end. We also run the manual as well as automatic testing to make sure that there are no issues. We only make it live after your approval or as per your instructions.

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Q: Will my website design or functionality be affected?

A: Not at all! We don’t touch your design elements for WordPress performance optimization. However, if there are changes that we feel should be made, we’ll recommend them in the SOW, and it will be up to you to accept or deny them.

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Q: Will you boost the mobile speed as well?

A: Of course, your web pages will load faster on mobile devices. We will optimize your website to perform well on mobile also.

Q: How fast can you speed up my website?

A: We aim to get your site to load within 3 seconds. Believe us, we will reduce the load time to the extent where there will be no possibilities for further improvement.

Q: Can you fix some of my other WordPress issues?

A: Yes, we definitely can help you with any other issues related to your WordPress website. Our in-house WordPress experts will provide you end-to-end consultancy. Get in touch with us to know the charges for the same.

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Q: Will you optimize WordPress Multisite (WPMU)?

A: Yes, we optimize WordPress Multisite too. Send us your related queries or chat with us online now.

Q: Can I trust you with my website security and confidentiality?

A: Our company policies protect us and our clients with confidentiality of a matter, you can invest your trust in us without a second thought not just because we’re saying so but because we have a considerable amount of knowledge in WordPress Speed Optimization and solid reviews from our clients. We have been trusted by websites that have thousands of visitors a day.

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Q: Why does my page speed change every time I check on some tools?

A: It is normal if your score changes within the range of 1-5 points as it may be due to server response time or third-party resources such as tracking snippets or ads. The correct way to know your page speed is to run the page speed test three times and then take the average score.

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Q: What to do if my question is not in the listed FAQs?

A: Contact us now, we are just one click away.