Ensure the continuous functionality, security, and performance of the website while allowing for scheduled updates and changes. The goal is to maintain at least 99% uptime and provide up to 5 hours of monthly development or content change support.

Services Included

  1. Regular Backups
    • Perform daily backups of the entire website.
    • Store backups on secure, off-site servers.
  2. Software Updates
    • Regularly update the Content Management System (CMS), plugins, themes, and any other software used.
    • Schedule updates during low-traffic periods to minimize disruptions.
  3. Security Monitoring
    • Implement real-time security monitoring to detect and prevent potential threats.
    • Conduct regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities.
  4. Uptime Monitoring
    • Utilize monitoring tools to track website uptime.
    • Implement automated alerts for immediate response to downtime issues.
  5. Performance Optimization
    • Conduct regular performance checks and optimize as needed.
    • Implement caching and compression techniques to enhance website speed.
  6. Content Changes/Development Support
    • Provide up to 5 hours of support per month for content changes, updates, or minor development tasks.
    • Additional development hours can be provided at an extra cost.
  7. Content Changes/Development Support
    • Offer 24/7 emergency support for critical issues affecting website functionality.
    • Ensure a response time of no more than 2 hours for emergency cases.
  8. Communication
    • Maintain regular communication channels for issue reporting and updates.
    • Provide a monthly report summarizing maintenance activities and any notable changes.
  9. Server Management
    • Manage and monitor server resources to prevent overload and optimize performance.
    • Conduct regular server health checks.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The monthly fee for this maintenance plan is $99 USD.
  2. Additional development or support hours beyond the allocated 5 hours will be billed separately at an agreed-upon hourly rate.
  3. Payment is due at the beginning of each month.
  4. The maintenance plan does not cover major website redesigns or overhauls.
  5. The client is responsible for providing necessary access credentials and permissions for maintenance tasks.
  6. The plan does not include the cost of third-party tools or services that may be required for specific tasks.

Note: This maintenance plan is designed to keep the website secure, up-to-date, and functional while providing a limited amount of development support. For major updates or changes, a separate agreement and cost estimation may be necessary.